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It's a Cheese Cake Baby!

It's a Cheese Cake Babyyyy!

Celebrate your one true love with your other true love: cheese!

For a truly special day, we offer custom wedding cakes made entirely of cheese!

Being part of memories and special events is the whole reason we started Takeaway. We do a select number of wedding cakes for special people each and every year. Let us know your favourite cheeses, your budget, your plans, and your guests! We love to make magic happen.

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Our Story

Takeaway Gourmet was started with hope, dreams, and the love of sharing a great meal.

After spending years in the delicious city of Montreal, our founder and Big Cheese, Aleana, quit her sane, salaried job to open a wee cheese store in the heart of the Canadian prairies. Inspired by the foods and fine fromages she missed, and a belief in the magical, entrepreneurial spirit of Saskatchewan, she and the incredible team of cheese-mice at Takeaway have built one of the best cheese stores in the country.

With free samples, knowledgeable, passionate, and deeply authentic staff, we’re committed to excellence in product and service. We treat our customers, team members, and producers like family and believe in making our community a better place. Whether you’re a gourmand or like your cheese orange and in a jar – we’re here to try and make every day a little bit special!

For the Love of Cheese!

Chimay Cru

Soft Cow's Milk

This Belgian cheese is made by monks and aged for six weeks in the cellar of the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Scourmont. It has a semi-firm density with a slightly spongy texture. Chimay Cru is washed in brine, and has a nutty, slightly bitter flavour. A great choice for those trying to branch out but still wanting something accessible. Great with beer!

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