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Adoray Soft Cow's Milk

Adoray is a soft, Canadian cheese wrapped with spruce bark! It’s silky smooth and creamy with umami notes and a woodsy aroma. This is a tiny, tiny bit funky - and great for those looking to try something new. To enjoy this simply slice off the top, let it come to room temperature and dip away!

Aged Beemster Hard Cow's Milk

Aged for +2 years this cheese is firm, crumbly, and crunchy! Aged Beemster has a sharp and savoury start and ends with the sweet notes of butterscotch and caramel making it a complex and rich flavoured cheese. If you love old, crunchy, salty cheeses - this one's for you!

Aged Lankaaster Hard Cow's Milk

This Canadian, aged Gouda is crumbly, dry, and crystallized. It has a balanced flavour of butterscotch and lactic notes, and is a great option for entertaining as it’s quite accessible and familiar.

Altobello Queso Sheep

Altobello comes from Spain and is a traditional Manchego cheese. This cheese has a strong aroma and flavour. This flavorful cheese is sharp and spicy and tastes like everything a real Manchego should.

Apolline aux Fleurs Goat

Apolline aux fleurs is a beautiful fresh goat's milk cheese pressed with edible roses. And even better? It has a rose candy centre. The cheese is mild, milky, with a light floral taste. Perfect for spreading over a baguette or sharing with a sweetie!

Appenzellar Hard Cow's Milk

Made in the town of Appenzell, Switzerland, this cheese has a history dating back 700 years. This smooth, savoury, and buttery cheese pairs perfectly with a rich white.

Applewood Smoked Cheddar Hard Cow's Milk

This two year aged Canadian cheddar is smoked with applewood for eight hours, giving it a natural smoky flavour. With hints of sweetness and a perfectly crumbly, this cheese is made to make your mouth water. Right from PEI to the Canadian prairies - it’s a sweet, tart, smokey option and great on burgers, grilled cheese, or just on it’s own.

Beaufort Hard Cow's Milk

This smooth and savoury French alpine is only made with spring and summer milk. A classic cheese, and very lovely choice, it’s nutty, raw and buttery with a fudgey firm texture. This cheese is a must try for alpine lovers and goes great with an icy glass of wine, or something soft with heavier tannins.

Beemster Hard Cow's Milk

Beemster is a Dutch, goat milk, gouda-style cheese. This cheese has a refreshingly sweet flavour off the top and a mild tangy finish that lingers in your mouth. This Beemster has a silky mouthfeel and is perfect for munching on. Salty, tart and delectable!

Bellavitano Balsamic Hard Cow's Milk

This Bellavitano cheese is bathed in Modena balsamic vinegar. The balsamic gives sweet and fruity notes that blend with the buttery and nutty flavoured cheese.

Bellavitano Espresso Hard Cow's Milk

Bellavitano Espresso is a creamy cheese and subtly sweet cheese that is hand rubbed with roasted espresso. This cheese is the perfect addition to every balanced breakfast :)

Bellavitano Merlot Hard Cow's Milk

This Bellavitano cheese is rich and creamy and soaked in wine... what’s not to love?. The Merlot wash enhances cheddary notes with the flavour of berries and plums.

Bellavitano Raspberry Ale Hard Cow's Milk

Bellavitano Raspberry Ale is a Wisconsin cheddar-style cheese that has been soaked in tart raspberry ale. The raspberry flavour adds a brightness to the deep brown buttery and hazelnut notes. This cheese is well balanced with bright and warm flavors.

Bianca Sheep

Soft, creamy and bloomy, this Spanish goat cheese is tangy and sinfully spreadable. Starkly white and lush, this cheese is perfect with fresh bread and a light fruity wine.

Bleu d'Auvergne Blue

Bleu d’Auvergne is spectacular, creamy, and crumbly. This blue is aged for a minimum of four weeks and has lovely sweet notes of fresh fruit, perfect for crumbling over salads or pairing with fruit. A French classic, it’s a must try for all blue lovers. The perfectly perfect blue

Bleu d’Elizabeth Blue

Bleu d’Elizabeth has perfect balance of salty and fruity notes. This blue is perfect for those who want something full of flavour. It’s not our mildest blue, but it’s by no means the strongest. A Canadian classic, it goes beautifully with honey or a sweet fig jam.

Bleu des Basques Blue

Bleu des Basques is a sheep milk blue cheese made in Basque country. This blue is firmer and less salty than typical blue cheeses, and has a fruit-forward flavour and mild tanginess! Hints of farm and hay make this rustic cheese unique. It’s a love it or hate it kind of blue, but those who love it - love it!

Bleu Fume Blue

Bleu Fume is a Canadian blue cheese made by Benedictine monks in Quebec. This semi soft blue is aged for six months and has a sweet and smoky flavour. Bleu Fume is the perfect starter blue cheese. It’s not TOO blue, but just blue enough. We were skeptical of a smoked blue but this beauty has converted us!

Brebirousse Sheep

Brebirousse is a soft sheep cheese from France. Bloomy and beautiful, it is silky, creamy, and full-flavoured. This cheese is similar to a brie, it is savoury, rich, and buttery but with a mildly sheepy finish. Perfect for soft cheese lovers and great on a hot summer’s night.

Brie aux Fines Herbs Soft Cow's Milk

Brie aux Fines Herbs is a soft, bloomy rind cheese from France. This cheese has a triple creme centre stuffed with garlic and herbs. Brie aux Fines Herbs is fragrant and flavourful! Spread over a fresh baguette for a mouth-watering experience!

Brie aux Truffes Soft Cow's Milk

Ooh la la... Brie aux Truffes is a double-cream, soft cheese from France with a bloomy rind. The centre layer is stuffed with triple-cream cheese and black truffles. Decadent, smooth, and full of flavour. A true gourmet goddess - don’t share this beauty.

Brie de Meaux AOP Courtenay Soft Cow's Milk

This AOP certified cheese is a * classic * Brie from France, with an aroma of mushrooms and damp leaves. Brie de Meaux is best enjoyed at room temperature to allow the softness of the cheese to ooze and the notes of mushroom to flourish. It’s

Brillat-Savarin Soft Cow's Milk

Brilliant-Savarin is a beautiful semi-soft triple cream French cheese. This cheese has a high fat content with a rich, sweet flavour. The texture is creamy and dense - perfect smeared on a bagel or served with fruit for a decadent dessert. If there was ever a brunch cheese - this is it!

Brugge à la bière Hard Cow's Milk

This cheese features two Belgian specialties, beer and cheese! It’s aged with beer giving it acidity and fruity flavour. This semi-firm cheese will melt in your mouth and pairs perfectly with a dry white or Belgian beer. A fan-favourite, it’s great any season and for any crowd!

Brugge Cometesse Hard Cow's Milk

Brugge Cometesse has a creamy texture and multi-faceted notes from roasted hazelnut to summer fruit and vanilla. Perfect for Gouda lovers - this is an unusual cheese that’s sure to please.

Brugge Prestige Hard Cow's Milk

Brugge Prestige is a hard and crumbly cheese that is aged for at least 18 months. This cheese has a complex and strong flavour. Fun fact - this cheese is exclusively produced from milk in May! Salty and sharp, it’s old and caramel-y.

Brugge Vieux Hard Cow's Milk

This Belgian cheese is creamy and savory. Firm and complex, the long ripening process gives this cheese a slight tang and sharpness that compliments the nutty and sweet notes. A great choice for entertaining as it’s different while not being too wild.

Buffalo Mozzarella Soft Cow's Milk

This mozzarella is made from Italian buffalo milk. Buffalo Mozzarella is a creamier, softer, and more flavorful than a fresh cow’s milk mozz.

Burrata Soft Cow's Milk

Burrata is the perfect cheese to elevate any meal - pasta, pizza, fresh fruit, salad, you name it, Burrata will pair well with it. Made similarly to fresh mozzarella, but with a soft centre. Cut into this ball of goodness and fresh curds and cream will spill out.

Cahill’s Irish Porter Cheddar Hard Cow's Milk

This dramatic looking cheese is actually quite tame in flavour. Rich, chocolaty, with a smooth finish. Perfect for eating with a pint of Guinness or some tart berries. Splendid

Camembert Soft Cow's Milk

Camembert is a soft, ripened versatile cheese. Enjoy at room temperature, baked, or added into a meal of your choice. Camembert is slightly stronger than Brie, with notes that range from mushroomy, nutty, and grassy. Salty and soft, it’s a great buttery opinion for melting, slicing, or eating like a cookie.

Cantal Hard Cow's Milk

If France made a cheddar - it would be Cantal! This semi-firm cheese has a fudgy density with a rich and buttery flavour. It’s an iconic cheese, beloved by our most knowledgeable cheese fans. Notes of popcorn and sweetness mark this delectable fromage.

Chällerhocker Hard Cow's Milk

One of our stranger but more popular cheeses. Swiss and mysterious, this alpine cheese is creamy with a dense and smooth texture. Chällerhocker has a depth of

Charlevoix Cheddar - 200g Hard Cow's Milk

This Québec cheddar is aged for two years making it extra sharp and tangy. Perfect for sandwiches and eating with fruit. If you’re looking for a classic, aged Canadian cheddar - look no further!

Château aux Truffes Soft Cow's Milk

This triple cream, bloomy cheese from France will satisfy all of your truffle needs. This cheese is creamy and has the consistency of butter with a line of garlicy, rich black truffle through the centre. We don’t get this one in often, so get it while it’s here! Pairs perfectly with champagne.

Château de Bourgogne Soft Cow's Milk

Our most popular cheese. Ever. This cheese has rightfully earned its place as our top seller. Château is a bloomy rind, triple cream cheese from France. This cheese has the consistency of soft butter and a flavour of rich cream. If the name is too hard to pronounce, you can call this beauty ‘The Duchess’. It’s regal and guaranteed to make any day better.

Château de Bourgogne - 200g Soft Cow's Milk

Our best-selling soft cheese in a small - dare we say personal sized? - wheel. Great for entertaining, you can pop some crackers or olives in it’s wooden box for stylish

Chaumes Soft Cow's Milk

Chaumes is a semi-firm cow’s milk cheese from France. Chaumes has a punchy aroma, but is actually quite mild in flavour. It is rich, creamy, a little nutty, and perfect for those wanting to dip their toes in the waters of funky cheese. If you like buttery cheeses and are willing to try something a little bit different - give this cheese a try!

Cheval Noir Soft Cow's Milk

Named after the myth of a spectral black horse, this Canadian cheese is striking and delish! This ash-covered bloomy rind cheese has a semi-soft consistency and creamy mouth feel. Cheval Noir flourishes at room temperature when the lactic flavour and notes of herbs become more prominent.

Chimay Cru Soft Cow's Milk

This Belgian cheese is made by monks and aged for six weeks in the cellar of the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Scourmont. It has a semi-firm density with a slightly spongy texture. Chimay Cru is washed in brine, and has a nutty, slightly bitter flavour. A great choice for those trying to branch out but still wanting something accessible. Great with beer!

Cœur de Savoie Hard Cow's Milk

This French alpine is aged for a minimum of 8 months. This cheese has nutty, sweet, and caramel flavours with a semi-firm texture. Great in the winter months, it’s magnificent for melting or for eating with pickles and sausage.

Comté 18 mo Hard Cow's Milk

Comté is a classic, world-renowned alpine cheese. This 18 month aged Comté is aged in a French stone fortress. Savoury, firm, and smooth, with notes of butter and roasted nuts. This cheese is a well deserved favourite.

Comté 24 mo Hard Cow's Milk

Comté is a classic, world-renowned alpine cheese.. This 24 month aged Comté is aged in a French stone fortress. Notes of nuts and butter with a lovely earthy flavour - this

Comté 36 mo Hard Cow's Milk

Comté is a classic, world-renowned alpine cheese.This 36 month aged Comté is aged in a French stone fortress. Firm, smooth and savoury. This is the oldest Comté that we

Coolea Hard Cow's Milk

Mild, buttery, and sweet. This Irish cheddar is beautiful and filled with crystallization. Perfect for cheddar and Gouda lovers. We love this farmhouse cheese for the reasons we all love crunchy, sweet, sharp cheeses - they’re perfect for every occasion and every palate!

Cornish Yarg Hard Cow's Milk

Cornish Yarg comes from England and has a semi-hard density and a creamy, crumbly texture. This leaf wrapped cheese somewhat resembles a feta, with a citrus and

Cote d’Or Soft Cow's Milk

If you love Campagnier, you will adore Cote d’Or. This bloomy rind cheese is buttery, soft, and rich. Cote d’Or can be baked or eaten at room temperature and is best served with a baguette and spread!

Cows 1 year, Cows 3 year, Cows 2 year, Appletree Smoked, - 200g Hard Cow's Milk

These white cheddars aged 1-3 years offer a lovely tangy bite that enhances with age. The Appletree smoked is naturally smoked and has a subtle sweetness. Made in PEI, these are beautiful gift options and great for any cheese-lover!

Cow’s 2 year Hard Cow's Milk

This aged Canadian cheese has a smooth mouthfeel and firm texture. This cheddar has a bit of bite, making it perfect for your next dish of mac and cheese!

Cure Meats Goat

The Cure Butcher Shop and Artisinal Charcuterie was founded in Saskatoon in 2015 and sources all its meat from local suppliers! The Cure provides us with top quality charcuterie. Classic, Italian meats - all made with superb Saskatchewan products. These are a must try!

Devonshire Red Hard Cow's Milk

This cloth bound English cheddar-style cheese is similar to Red Leicester. Salty, rich, with a distinct horseradish flavour. Striking and scrumptious, this hard cheese pairs well with nippier craft beer! If you’re looking to venture into the world of cloth-bound

Dubliner Hard Cow's Milk

This Irish cheddar is well balanced with robust, sweet and nutty notes. Try it alongside a softer cheese and a mild blue for a classic cheese plate!

El Tofio Goat

El Tofio, belovedly known as “Ellie” is a lightly, naturally smoked goat's milk cheese from Spain. Even if you don’t like goat cheese OR smoked cheese - odd’s are, you’ll love this. It’s unlike others with a milk forward flavour and silky mouthfeel. It is the perfect introduction to goat cheese as it is mild, creamy, with all the best Spanish cheese has to offer.

Époisses Soft Cow's Milk

This pungent French cheese is well known among our staunch cheese enthusiasts and is funky, stinky, soft, and lush. The cheese itself is not as pungent as its aroma, with flavours of garlic, mushroom, and a hint of barnyard.

Farmers Five or Five Counties Hard Cow's Milk

Farmers five is a cheddar lovers dream. Five cheddars in one perfectly semi-firm cheese! Legend has it, this cheese was created when five county farms banded together to save their local dairy industry. They combined cheddars to make this iconic, yet mild wheel

Florette Goat

This French goat cheese is similar to a Brie. It’s really lactic and ooey gooey - creamy and tart. Mild and buttery, with a creamy and velvety texture. Perfectly spreadable and great with a sweet jam!

Fontina Hard Cow's Milk

Fontina is a semi-soft cheese with an earthy, mushroomy, and woody flavour. This cheese is rich and creamy and becomes nuttier with age. Great for cooking and for grilled cheese, it sings when paired with sweet and savoury elements like onion chutney!

Fourme d’Ambert Blue

Fourme d’Ambert is a traditional french blue cheese produced in Auvergne and has been made since Roman times! This cheese is world-renowned for its classic blue flavour, cylindrical shape, and its rich flavour, and smooth texture.

Fresh Goat (Chevre) Goat

Fresh Goat cheese, also known as Chevre, is the perfect addition to any charcuterie board or meal. Chevre offers a bright, tart, and tangy flavour and comes in various textures and flavours. Ask our staff about our current selection!

Grey Owl Goat

Don’t be scared of its rustic exterior! Inside lies a creamy, delicate, goat's milk cheese. Grey Owl is a Canadian classic made in Quebec, and has gained fame for being Meghan Markle’s favourite cheese. It is sharp, tangy, and full of creamy flavour.

Gruyère 24 Month Hard Cow's Milk

Our cheese queen AY’s favourite, this is a Gruyère is unlike any other. This Gruyère is aged for two years in a cave, making its depth of flavour unmatched. Crunchy, sharp, and savoury. It’s great for cooking. Great for eating. Great with wine. Great alone. Pairs with almost everything and tastes like quality and luxury.

Iberico 12mo Sheep

Iberico is a Spanish trifecta cheese, meaning it is made with cow, sheep, and goat milk! This variation is aged for 12 months. As this cheese ages, the flavours become more assertive and in the year-old version, it’s saltier, with stronger notes of olive and sea.

Iberico 3mo Sheep

Iberico is a Spanish trifecta cheese, meaning it is made with cow, sheep, and goat milk! This variation is aged for 3 months giving it a more predominant creamy flavour with underlying notes of nuts, fruit, and butter.

Iberico 6mo Sheep

Iberico is a Spanish trifecta cheese, meaning it is made with cow, sheep, and goat milk! This variation is aged for 6 months giving it a slightly complex flavour with hints of sweet corn, toasted hay and fruit.

Idiazabal Sheep

A beautiful classic. Idiazabal is a Spanish sheep’s milk cheese that is aged for a minimum of 2 months near a fireplace giving it a subtle smokey flavour. It sits on birch slats so the smoke is light and authentic giving it an elegance that can’t be matched. This cheese is firm and has sweet and smoky notes that melt in your mouth.

Isle of Kintyre Hard Cow's Milk

Isle of Kintyre cheeses are best described as cheddary Scottish pucks of joy! These cheeses come in a range of flavours and all offer a creamy and rich mouth feel that is packed full of flavour. Gin, smoked, garlic and more - these are stupendous imported products as a great price.

Isle of Mull Hard Cow's Milk

This Scottish cheese has a distinct peat-y tang that is a result of the producing cows (luckiest cows in the world) eating the mash from the neighbouring Tobermory Whisky Distillery. This clothbound cheddar is sharp and savoury! If you love an old, gritty cheddar - this is the cheese for you!

Kaamps Chili Hard Cow's Milk

The Kaamps cheese we all love, but with a spicy kick. This cheese is everything you want in a subtly spicy cheese, enough to perk up your taste buds without overwhelming the flavour of the cheese. Spicy enough to scare off children, but not too overwhelming. The good news is that you won’t have to share!

Kaamps Chipotle Hard Cow's Milk

This cheese has a soft spice that builds as you eat it, but never becomes too hot. Subtly sweet with a distinctive chili taste. We don’t have this one often, so if you love spicy cheese - try this lovely Dutch one!

Kaamps Honey Truffle Goat

This Gouda has a secret... it’s actually made with goat’s milk! This cheese is sweet and has black truffle perfectly scattered into each bite. Full of honey and truffle it’s that perfect blend of sweet and savoury. Belovedly called the Beyonce cheese because of it’s honeycomb rind, this Dutch cheese rarely lasts long

Kaamps Jardin Hard Cow's Milk

We have coined this the “Pizza cheese” because it tastes like an all dressed pizza! The cheese itself is mild and creamy, and it’s made with herbs, sun-dried tomato, and olives. It has a delectably unique flavour - perfect in a grilled cheese or for nibbling with salami or veggies.

Kaamps Maple Whiskey Hard Cow's Milk

This Kaamps is washed in whiskey and maple syrup, with woody and sweet notes. Even though this cheese has its origin in Holland, it seems like it was made for Canadians!

Kaamps Original Hard Cow's Milk

This spectacular orange cheese needs no introduction. A fan favourite that is best served by the chunk. Sweet and nutty, with a perfect fudge-like texture. Here at TAG we have crowned this cheese God/Goddess of the Gouda.

Keens Cheddar Hard Cow's Milk

A classic English Cheddar. Keens is a cave-aged clothbound cheddar that has a sharp and salty flavour. This incredible cheese pairs perfectly with big reds or an IPA. Balanced and beautiful, this is an excellent offering of the best that UK cheddars have to offer.

La Galette Soft Cow's Milk

La Galette is a fantastic, crowd pleasing soft cheese! This cheese is buttery, rich, and mild mushroomy flavour. La Galette is perfect for pairing with your favourite jam or hot pepper jelly. If you love a mild, creamy cheese and are wanting to try something new - give this wee wheel a go!

L'Angélique-a-Marc Soft Cow's Milk

L’angélique is a Canadian cheese that gets its name from a indigenous plant common on the banks of Iles-aux-Grues. The cheese has a bloomy rind that is belted with wood. The cheese has a sophisticated flavour that can be described as mild and smooth with notes of vegetable. A fabulous choice for soft-cheese lovers and great on a summer night or a cold winter’s eve.

Langres Soft Cow's Milk

Langres is an AOC certified French cheese with a firm texture and some funky notes. This cheese has a mild and salty flavour accompanied by a pungent smell. Langres is commonly enjoyed with champagne by pouring the champagne directly on to the cheese and served immediately. If you like a funky fromage - try this!

Lankaaster Chives Hard Cow's Milk

This is a Canadian Gouda-style cheese with the added flavour of chives. This cheese is firm and savoury, try it with potatoes or in a casserole. It’s good for nibbling and in small quantities great on a cheeseboard, but because of it’s chive-y goodness - we

La Tur Soft Cow's Milk

La Tur is an Italian trifecta cheese containing cow, goat, and sheep's milk! La Tur is soft, buttery, and a little tangy. This cheese is perfect for those who love Chateau de Bourgogne but want a little more flavour! La Tur pairs perfectly with something sweet like honey or jam!

Le Bois Blond Soft Cow's Milk

Bois Blond is a soft, washed rind cheese that is perfect for baking or eating at room temperature. Buttery and rich with grassy notes. Pairs well with Rieslings or beers with hoppy or bitter tones. Simply take off the plastic and pop it in the oven on low

Le Cabouron Soft Cow's Milk

This semi-firm, Canadian cheese has a fudgy and fabulou texture. Cabouron is mild with notes of nuts, butter, and a subtle sweetness. Pair well with fresh fruit, white wine, or a light beer for a match made in heaven. A great cheese for the less adventurous!

Le Campagnier Soft Cow's Milk

Campagnier is a French soft cheese with a lovely salt water washed rind. This cheese tastes of butter and has a silky mouthfeel. This is not your grocery store soft cheese - it’s a beloved staff favourite. We have yet to meet someone who wasn’t a fan!

Le Cendrillon Goat

Le Cendrillon is a Canadian goat cheese. This cheese has a semi-firm, paste like texture and a tangy, goaty flavour. Le Cendrillon offers moderate goaty flavour, making it perfect for goat cheese lovers.

Le Dauphin Soft Cow's Milk

If you love a cream-froward soft cheese this may be your new favourite! This French cheese is smooth, sweet, and buttery. This cheese pairs well with champagne, making it perfect for celebrations. We love this fromage as an alternative to Campagnier or Chateau de B.

Le Fleurmier Soft Cow's Milk

This Canadian cheese is soft and has a bloomy rind similar to a Camembert. It is rich and velvety with notes of fruit and nuts. Fleurmier should be served at room temperature and pairs well with honey and jam. A fabulous option for entertaining, it’s familiar but just a wee bit fancy.

Le Pizy Soft Cow's Milk

Le Pizy cheese has a bloomy rind, and is soft, mild, and milky. This cheese will melt in your mouth and present its mushroom and earth notes. Le Pizy is versatile and pairs well with light and crisp beverages. It’s a step more adventurou than some of our milder soft cheeses, but is still quite accessible and goes beautifully with something sweet.

Le Pleine Lune Soft Cow's Milk

Pleine Lune is a soft ash coated cheese with a bloomy rind. It has a peppery finish with a hint of tartness. This cheese can be eaten as is or used as a replacement for cream cheese. A must try pairing with a Montreal Bagel. This wheel is fun looking with its black ash exterior, and great value making it perfect for parties!

Lincolnshire Poacher Hard Cow's Milk

This clothbound English cheddar is smooth in texture, strong in taste. Notes of grass, pineapple, and roasted nuts. We love this surprising cheese - depending on the season it was made (and whether the cows were eating flowers, summer hay, nettles and forage!) the taste ranges spectacularly.

Lindsay Goat Cheddar Goat

This cloth bound, goat’s milk cheddar is another store favourite! It is firm, crumbly, and savoury! With earthy, nutty and tangy notes this cheddar is perfect for crumbling over mac and cheese. A great option for anyone looking for a lactose free fromage.

Lutjewinkel Hard Cow's Milk

Lutjewinkle is not only a fun name to pronounce, but a fantastic gouda from Holland! This cheese has a firm texture that your teeth will sink into and a warm nutty flavour with a slightly sharp finish! This is a must try for gouda lovers.

Midnight Moon Goat

Midnight moon is a Canadian, goat milk, Gouda-style cheese. It is aged for six months and has a firm, crunchy, and crumbly texture. This cheese is full of sweet and savoury flavors with nutty, salty, and caramel notes and mild goat flavour. Tangy and bright it’s sure to be a favourite!

Millefoglie Marzemino Hard Cow's Milk

Milliefoglie comes from the Piedmont region of Italy. Each wheel is aged for 7- 12 months and infused with Marzemino wine. The cheese is made using traditional Italian methods that give the wheel a flaky structure allowing for deep wine penetration. Milliefoglie has an intense red wine aroma and flavour with a subtle sweetness.

Murcia Al Vino Goat

Murica Al Vino, also known as the Drunken Goat, is a a best-seller and a crowd-pleaser. It’s Spanish, wine soaked and has a with a firm and fudgey texture. This cheese is buttery with a creamy mouthfeel and mild goat flavour perfect for snacking!

Normanville Soft Cow's Milk

Normanville is a French cheese from the Camembert family. This soft cheese has a bloomy rind and is smooth in texture. The flavour is mild with herbal notes and a touch of mushroom. Enjoy with dried fruit and nuts or red wine.

Oka - 190g Soft Cow's Milk

Oka is a semi-soft Québec cheese with a creamy mouthfeel. The pungent aroma compliments the soft and creamy flavour and notes of nuts and fruit. A nice textured rind is reminiscent of cornmeal and provides a tiny bit of crunch to each bite. Pair with soft acidity fruits like apples or cherry tomatoes. Great with IPAs and amber ales

Oka L’Artisan Soft Cow's Milk

Oka L’Artisan is best described as halfway between Oka Original and Swiss cheese. What does this mean? This means that it’s a cheese with a firm, buttery texture and bitterness, but still very approachable. Subtly sweet, with nutty notes - it is perfect for all cheese lovers.

Onetik Sheep

Onetik is a French sheep milk cheese and newer to us, but we LOVE it. It’s aged 3-6 months giving it a firm and dry texture that melts in your mouth. This cheese is savory with a buttery finish and aroma. Elegant notes of complexity make this a cheese that’s mild and accessible but tastes EXPENSIVE.

Ossau-Iraty Sheep

Ossau-Iraty is a traditional, AOC protected and only made from the milk of a Manech or Basco-Béarnaise sheep. Ossau-Iraty is matured for at least 6 months and has a buttery, nutty, and a slight acidic flavour. With a fudgier texture, this is one of the more unique sheep cheeses, despite being quite mild.

Oveja con Trufa Sheep

CALLING ALL TRUFFLE LOVERS! This Spanish Manchego-style cheese is one of our best sellers. Smooth, oily, and dense, this cheese has people drooling. The cheese itself is delicate allowing the veins of black truffle to be the real star flavour.

Oveja Flores Sheep

This Spanish Manchego style cheese is beautiful and delicate. Bedecked with colourful flowers, the flavour is as elegant as the rind. This cheese is creamy with subtle earthy notes and will melt in your mouth. The floral aroma provided by the rind instantly smells of a beautiful spring day and the lovely appearance and mild flavour makes it great for entertaining.

Oveja Negra Sheep

A Spanish Manchego-style cheese. This cheese is made with black olives and ripened for four months. This aged, oily sheep cheese has a prominent black olive flavour with a subtle sweetness from the sheep’s milk. Great for a cheese board and sinful grated over popcorn!

Picobello Hard Cow's Milk

Picobello is a celebrity cheese here at TAG! Originating in Holland this cheese has captured the hearts of many across the globe with its crunchy crystallization and perfectly balanced sweet and savoury flavour. Pico, as it’s called, has many fans and many more to come. This cheese is love at first bite.

Plaisirs de Bourgogne Soft Cow's Milk

The Château de Bourgogne cheese you love with added zest! These glorious, gourmet cheese balls are rolled in seasoning to add a little more flavour to that familiar, beloved creamy taste. Fine herbs, mustard, or bruschetta - try them all! Perfect for adding to any entertaining platter, salad, or eat by yourself, with a fork (or heck, your hands)

Raclette - cognac Hard Cow's Milk

Elevate any meal by putting a hot helping of this Raclette over almost anything. Just add a little heat and let the cheese work its magic!

Raclette - mustard Hard Cow's Milk

Elevate any meal by putting a hot helping of this Raclette over almost anything. This Raclette has mustard seed throughout it, making it perfect for meat pairings. Just add a little heat and let the cheese work its magic!

Raclette Sliced Hard Cow's Milk

Elevate any meal by putting a hot helping of this Raclette over almost anything. Just add a little heat and let the cheese work its magic!

Raclette Sliced Brézain Hard Cow's Milk

Elevate any meal by putting a hot helping of this Raclette over almost anything. This Raclette is smoked with wood giving it a depth of flavour. Just add a little heat and let the cheese work its magic!

Raclette St. Niklaus Hard Cow's Milk

Elevate any meal by putting a hot helping of this Raclette over almost anything. This Raclette is pungent with a lactic, salty flavour and mushroomy aroma. A classic, Swiss raclette - just add a little heat and let the cheese work its magic!

Raclette - white wine Hard Cow's Milk

Elevate any meal by putting a hot helping of this Raclette over almost anything. This Raclette has a lovely white wine flavour perfect for potatoes or roasted vegetables. Just add a little heat and let the cheese work its magic!

Reblochon Soft Cow's Milk

An iconic French Christmas cheese. The cheese is soft with a washed rind. Bake the wheel Tartiflette style, pour yourself some wine, and pretend you are spending the evening in France. Or heck, bring the cheese, yourself, and maybe your local cheese staff to France and we can celebrate in style!

Red Leicester Hard Cow's Milk

A sharp and salty cheddar-like cheese. This clothbound, cave aged beauty, is a classic. Its color is mesmerizing and it has a slightly sweet caramelized flavour and flaky texture. It smells like a basement (in a good way!) and tastes like the english countryside (also in a good way) (we promise).

Regal de Bourgogne Apple/ Cranberry/ Pineapple Soft Cow's Milk

Château de Bourgogne - our best selling cheese covered in dried fruit. Flavors include cranberry, caramelized apple, papaya and pineapple. This cheese is sweet and creamy, perfect for any board or an after dinner snack. We add this to cheese boards all the time as it’s great for a crowd and eye-catchingly lovely.

Romero Sheep

This Spanish, Manchego-style sheep’s cheese, wrapped in rosemary, and aged 15 months to absolute PERFECTION. It is firm, dry, slightly crumbly, and will melt in your mouth! It has a predominant rosemary flavour with buttery and nutty notes. The rosemary rind is packed with butter and olive oil and while it makes it pretty - we don’t recommend eating it.

Roquefort Carles Blue

This French blue is made from sheep’s milk and is one of the world’s best known blue cheeses. This cheese is sharp and tangy and assertively blue. The flavour smooths out on the finish, and the texture is pleasing running from smooth to slightly gritty.

Rossini Blue Blue

Rossini Blue is a store favourite. This smooth and spreadable Italian cheese is aged for 70 days covered in grape marc and brushed in red wine. Rossini smells of delicious, delicious port and a well balanced salty sweet flavour. This is a must try blue for anyone who loves blue cheese.

Sao Miguel Hard Cow's Milk

This Portuguese cheese is rich, nutty, salty, and slightly tart - making it a great Parmesan replacement. Its firm texture will melt away when added to any dish and will take your worries along with it. With hints of sweetness and salt, we think it tastes a little like popcorn!

Shropshire Blue

One of our BEST selling blues. This Scottish blue has been made in Scotland for decades and it has a cult following for good reason. The halfway point between a cheddar and a Stilton, Shropshire is crumbly, creamy, and a little tangy.

Silo Hard Cow's Milk

Silo is a store favourite! This mature cheddar is savoury and a little earthy, with a bit of a bit to it. Perfect for all cheddar lovers, this raw, Canadian-ched is nippy and gritty.

Silo 59th Hard Cow's Milk

This particular Silo cheddar comes from the Orkney archipelago region of Scotland. Savoury, smooth, and salty. Perfect for all cheddar lovers!

Stilton Blue

The classic UK blue. Smooth, tangy, a wee bit sweet and decidedly salty. Depending on availability we carry this in wheels or in the traditional ceramic jars. We don’t carry this one often as we like to ‘shop around’ with our blue cheese producers, but when we do - it doesn’t stay long!

St. Nectaire Soft Cow's Milk

St. Nectaire is an AOC certified cheese made from the milk of cows that feed on volcanic pastures. A classic, iconic French cheese, St. Nectaire is best in summer and

Tartiflette Soft Cow's Milk

Tartiflette is a french dish made with potatoes, onions, bacon, garlic, salt and pepper and Reblochon cheese. A classic French recipe for the cold months.. use this cheese to make your own mouth watering Tartiflette! Cheese, potatoes, bacon, onions, garlic.. what’s not to love?

Thea Sheep

Thea is Canadian, cloth-bound sheep cheddar that's aged for 9 months. This cheese is firm and crumbly with lots of crystallization. Thea offers a sharp and buttery flavor that has you coming back for more! If you’re someone looking for a lactose free cheddar - this one may be for you.

Tomme de Marc aux Raisins Soft Cow's Milk

This cheese is coated in grape marc (the leftovers from wine-making) giving the cheese a fermented grape aroma and flavour. It is as beautiful as it is tasty! Typically a Christmas-time special, it’s great for a crowd and always a special treat.

Triple Creme Germain Soft Cow's Milk

Triple Creme Germain is an extremely soft and decadent cow's milk cheese. This cheese is very similar to Château de Bourgogne, but with a more buttery flavour! This cheese is a crowd pleaser!

Truffée Des Forges Hard Cow's Milk

This truffle raclette is drool worthy. From the Bourgogne region of France, this cheese is perfectly speckled with black truffle, making every bite oh so good.

Truffo Soft Cow's Milk

Ring the alarm! Truffo is made from a triple cream brie style cheese, with a line of truffle through the center. This cheese is decadent and smooth with a mushroomy flavour. A must try for truffle lovers - we don’t get this in often and once it’s gone... it’s gone!

Utrecht Hard Cow's Milk

This Dutch Gouda is perfectly sweet and salty. Aged for 12 months and filled with salt crystals. This cheese has everything you want from a Gouda. If you’re looking for a cheese that’s DELICIOUS and doesn’t taste like you bought it at a big box store, but is still familiar enough to please almost everyone - this is the sharp and caramelly cheese for you!

Vacherin Soft Cow's Milk

This famous Swiss melting cheese is rich, savoury, fruity and a little nutty. It’s a funky, farmhouse made cheese - worth it’s weight in gold. This Alpine cheese is made from seasonal cows milk. Eat Vacherin as is, or in a fondue or raclette style. Only a very limited supply available over Christmas and not for the uninitiated.

Valdeon Blue

Valdeon is Spanish blue cheese made with sheep, cow, and goat’s milk and covered with the leaves of Sycamore trees. There’s some debate in the shop about whether this is one of our strongest or our more accessible blues, but either way it’s delicious. Its unique appearance makes it great for entertaining and it’s smooth and tangy. Try it with a drizzle of honey and some almonds on the side!

Vieux Brugge Hard Cow's Milk

The Vieux Brugge is a traditional cheese aged for 30 months and has a distinct and intense flavour and roasted aroma! This cheese is similar to an old aged gouda, it is savoury with a mild sweetness and fudgy texture.

Vieux Chimay Hard Cow's Milk

The Vieux Chimay comes from Belgium and is made by the Trapiste monks of Scourmont Abbey. This cheese is washed in beer giving it a pleasant bitterness that is balanced with warm notes of roasted nuts. Vieux Chimay is firm, yet creamy, perfect for melting over any meal or simply enjoying with a Trappist beer.

Wookey Hole Hard Cow's Milk

The Wookey Hole is more than just a fun name to say, it is a clothbound cheddar aged 200 feet underground in the Wookey Hole Caves in the Mendip Hills of England. Wookey Hole is firm, earthy, and has subtle sweet and farmy notes. This cheese is a cheddar lover's dream.

Zamorano Goat

Zamorano is a firm and dry sheep's milk cheese from Spain. This cheese has a distinct sheepy aroma and offers a tart and almost spicy flavour with notes of roasted nuts. Zamorano is perfect for shaving over meals or on its own.

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